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Questions? Call eCapital @ 1 866 643 9133
Business hours: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (EST)

With eCapital & Real Truckers, you get:

• Exclusive low-factoring rate for Real Truckers

• Guaranteed line of credit

• Commercial Visa cards to manage your business transactions

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eCapital is a partner of and approved by Real Truckers.

Get Control of Your Money Now

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Every Trucker Is a Fleet Owner


Why Real Truckers?

Real Truckers is one of the world's largest communities of genuine trucking professionals. With thousands of members and decades in the industry, we've worked with everyone from single-truck drivers to fleet owners. We've heard why they're proud, and we've heard what they wish they didn't have to deal with — like waiting on invoice payments.


That's why Real Truckers partnered with eCapital. Together we created amazing, pre-negotiated factoring rates to support your business. Instead of collecting invoices, mailing them, and hoping for a check received in time to cover your expenses, now you can upload your invoice via a client portal and get paid almost instantly. 

Complete with a line of credit, Visa commercial credit card, and support service, it's never been easier to get paid and grow your business than with eCapital.

How Does eCapital Work?

In a nutshell, eCapital handles the tedious financial side of trucking. They validate your invoice, submit it for approval, and get cash into your eCapital account as quickly as humanly possible. 

eCapital is the natural solution to the outdated process of pen-and-paper invoicing and cashing checks at a bank. No more trips for deposits. No more follow-up calls for payments. 

Just upload your invoice, get paid, and get back on the road!

How Is an eCapital Account Different than a Checking Account?

How Do I Access or Spend My eCapital Funds?

Factoring your invoices with eCapital works similarly to a checking account, although it’s significantly faster! eCapital sets up an account in the client portal where all of your purchased invoices are available to use via Visa commercial credit cards or distributed to an external bank account via wire, ACH, or InstaPay.

The big differences are that you have the flexibility to decide where to send your funds, you have visibility into every business transaction with clear reporting and funds are not held by a bank – it’s held by eCapital. 

The fastest and easiest (free) way to access your funds is with an eCapital Visa commercial credit card. You can request an eCapital Visa commercial credit card right in the client portal.

The Visa cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and the cards are secure, so that you can ensure your funds are protected. You can also transfer funds to your external business bank account via ACH, wire, or InstaPay for an added fee.


What Next?

To get started, all you have to do is submit the form at the top of this page. 

Once you do, an eCapital team member will receive your information and reach out right away. 

From there, they'll set you up with everything you need. 

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