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5 Quick Ways to Reduce Expenses As An Owner Operator

RealTruckers gives you the secrets about how to save money as trucker.

Choose The Right Fueling Station and Select The Right Fuel

Some truckers wait until the last possible moment to fuel up and they have to pay whatever price for fuel they come across. If you absolutely must stop, try to get just enough fuel to cover the cost of traveling from that station to the cheaper one. Next, write down the name and location of the fueling station so you can plan to stop there for future. Be sure to purchase ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, not biofuel. Biofuel is expensive and produces lower fuel mileage. The level of biofuel allowed under your warranty can change, so be sure to look up what is right for your vehicle. Most importantly, only use fuels approved for your truck. Our friends at Drive Logistics has great deals on fuel cards for owner operators.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Low-rolling resistance tires have a more durable thread at shallower depths which means the tires are effective, longer.

Aluminum wheels create a drastic reduction in the weight of the vehicle, which means less power is needed to move the truck forward and that means lower fuel costs.

Trailer side skirts can boost fuel economy by over five percent. They generally cost about $3,000 per trailer, but the side skirts will pay for themselves over time.

Don’t Speed

There are many studies that show speeding can raise your fuel consumption. The best way to make the most out of your fuel is to reduce your overall average speed.

Don’t Idle

Some truckers idle their vehicle in order to turn on their AC or heater and power accessories. This is a costly thing to do. Idling uses up about a gallon of fuel every hour which can turn in to $120 in a single week if you idle eight hours in a day.

Buy Large Dual Tanks

Constantly Check Your Truck

Maintenance is important to prevent expensive repairs. To help against this, take a routine check of your truck before and after every trip. Minor maintenance is better than a major repair, every time.

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