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5 Tips for Truckers on How to Stay Alert While Driving

RealTruckers are no stranger to hectic schedules. Early mornings and long nights are all routine practice when you’re working in an industry that truly never sleeps.

While every trucker should only be driving the appropriate number of logged hours, a bad night’s sleep or tight schedule can leave you feeling drowsy just a few hours into a long haul. Real Truckers cares about your safety and mental wellbeing, which is why we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay awake and feel rested, even on minimum sleep.

Pump Up the Volume

Need an excuse to listen to your favorite song? Crank up the radio and belt out a few notes to wake yourself up! Likewise, turn on your favorite podcast and glue your ears to an engaging story to keep you focused.

Skip the Caffeine

We promise, this isn’t a joke! Despite the jolt of energy coffee can give you, it also plays a strong role in dehydration, which leads to fatigue. Instead, grab a bottle of water and a healthy snack such as fruit or nuts. Staying hydrated and avoiding sugars can help in improving focus and increasing energy.

Take Your Vitamins

No, bennies and energy pills don’t count. Vitamin B’s and C’s provide a plethora of healthy benefits, including keeping you alert and focused throughout the day.

Don't Get Comfy

Ever sit in a chair that’s so comfortable you could just fall asleep? Make sure the driver’s seat isn’t one of them. Sit up straight and crank up the AC or roll down a window to keep yourself from getting too cozy

Nip it with a Nap

If you’ve exhausted all the above and still can’t shake the sleepiness, pull off at the nearest truck stop or rest area, set a timer for 20 minutes, and take a short nap. Power naps can trick your body into feeling rested, helping you get through the day until your next rest.

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