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Here’s Why Owner Operators Thrive

Owner operators have the freedom of setting their own schedule and becoming business owners.

Trucking owner operators control everything relating to their trucking business. This includes vehicle maintenance, finances, surprise expenses and getting your name out there to clients.

Owning and operating your own trucking business can have many benefits, including setting your own schedule, choosing the specific products you want to haul, the pride of being a small business owner and how much money you can make in your career.

Even with the extra expenses of being an owner operator, you can still make double (or triple) what a company driver will make each year. Owner operators make much more than the average company truck driver, but keep in mind the other expenses that come with being a small business owner in the trucking industry.

If your tires are balding on your truck, you will be the one who pays to replace them. If your truck breaks down by the side of the road, the owner operator will be the person responsible with resolving the issue and getting back on schedule.

This is where community can help!

Real Truckers is a community for truckers to come together, swap ideas and stories and support the trucking community nationwide.

Our friends at Drive Logistics can provide the necessary resources and services you need so you can focus on hauling your loads from pickup to drop off.

The MyDrive mobile application is the ultimate negotiation tool that truckers can use to negotiate load pricing with brokers. The app is a comprehensive business solution platform for truckers to be successful business owners. The MyDrive app is the only app that gives owner operators the tools that can double what they make yearly. If you are interested in learning more about the services our buddies at Drive Logistics has to offer like fuel cards, roadside assistance and financial management, please contact them here.

RealTruckers wants to hear from you at 'The Truckstop.' This truckers-only Facebook group offers weekly giveaways, trucking discussions, memes and general trucking-related content. Join here!

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