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Meal Prep for Truck Drivers: 4 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Real Truckers know that every minute counts when you’re out there on the road and we’re here to get you started meal prepping to help save you time.

Here are four steps that jumpstart your journey into meal prepping!

1. Know How Much To Make

A big challenge for most new cooks is knowing how much to cook to have enough to eat then, and for leftovers. Not cooking enough, or too much, can lead to wasted food, wasted money and less than satisfying meals. Try making a meal or two but focus on how much you’re making and after you’re done, put the food in a plastic container. After a few tries you’ll learn how much of each ingredient you need to fill your container and you can plan from there.

2. Cook Steaks or Burgers at Home First

Real Truckers says cook the meat for your meals at home ahead of time. If you know you want to have a nice steak or burger for a trip, try to pre-cook the meat and store it in your fridge. This will save time, and mess, when prepping the meat for to eat while you’re out there.

3. Make Foods That Keep Well Over Time

Making meals that are easy to re-heat is a life saver for truckers. Roasted vegetables, soups and pasta dishes are not only easy to make, but taste just as good after being reheated.

4. Keep Those Ketchup Packets!

Keep seasonings and condiments in your truck. Ketchup, mustard, ranch and most spices like salt, pepper and garlic have a very long shelf life and are easy to store in the truck. Even try buying some spices you haven’t tasted, you never know when you’ll need it.

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