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FMCSA Takes Important Step to Assist Women in Trucking

A group of female logistics experts are coming together to focus on solutions to the issues women are facing in the trucking industry.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced 16 members of the first Women of Trucking Advisory Board (WOTAB), formed to recruit and retain more female truckers. The Board members are from 11 states and work for small, medium and large trucking companies. They also have more than 80 years experience with trucks, motor coaches and sea ports and over 275 years combined experience in other modes of transportation. WOTAB will coordinate with trucking companies, nonprofit organizations and trucking associations to increase efforts to support women's issues in the industry. The Board will also provide recommendations to government officials as well as tackle many issues, including:

  • Breaking down barriers that impact women in trucking and finding ways to support women pursuing careers in trucking

  • Providing education, training, mentorship and/or outreach to women in trucking

Do you think the FMCSA is doing the right thing to attract more women to the trucking industry or should more steps be taken? Let us know on the 'The Truckstop' Facebook Group, the largest online community for truckers.

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