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Pets in Your Truck

So you want to bring a pet with you on the road and not sure where to begin? What are the rules? What breeds of dog are most popular for truckers? Don’t worry, Real Truckers has your back. Having pets with you on the road has a lot of benefits. Pet owners have lower cholesterol, are generally calmer and have better moods. Here are some tips on keeping your pet close to you while you’re out there on the road.

Vet Visits and Pet Insurance

Real Truckers know insurance is a must for your truck and its

argo, but pet insurance can be just as important for your furry friend. Consider purchasing pet insurance so that your bank account isn’t completely drained from an emergency vet visit. Vets are also a good resource to discuss your insurance information. Once you choose your pet, you should have them checked at your hometown vet at least once a year. Since truck pets travel all over the country, check with your vet to make sure your pets have all the medications and vaccines they need for different climates and regions of the country. Also, keep your pet’s medical records and vaccination history with you at all times in case an unexpected trip to the vet is needed.

What Pets Are the Best on the Road?

Dogs are some of the most popular pets truck pets. Bulldogs, pugs and other small breed dogs are good options to choose from. If you have a cat, get a scratching board for your truck, and for all pets, make sure they have a few toys they can play with while you’re driving. For your dog, purchase a sturdy, comfortable harness and leash, and take your pets for walks a few times a day. Not only will this help get your pet’s energy out, it’s also good for you!

Stock up on Food and Water

This may sound obvious, but if you’ll be gone for long periods of time it may be hard to find stores that carry quality pet food while on the road. Also, these pet stores may not have the best parking for your truck. If you are an owner operator, include your pet in your company’s annual expenses. Our friends at Drive Logistics can help you with this.

Where do you get your pet insurance? Let us know on the Real Truckers YouTube page!

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