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Relationships and the Road

Here at Real Truckers, we care about everything the trucker goes through out there on the road. Your health is very important and keeping healthy relationships with your family, spouse or partner is a part of the overall health of a trucker.

Planning, bringing your family or significant other on select hauls and explaining what trucking means to you can all be great steps towards a healthy life.

Once you’ve decided to begin a relationship, here are a few tips from Real Truckers on how to plan to start things off the right way.

Make A Plan

It’s important to let the other person in your relationship know the real life of a trucker. Long hauls, poor cell phone service and stress are just a few of the many things a trucker goes through on the road. Having a regular route before you get involved with someone is a good idea. You’ll know the best places to reach out to your loved ones. New truckers, or truckers new to a carrier, can face more stress and unpredictable routes their first year.

Setting up a scheduled time and day to call home, within a range of three to five hours, can help you make sure you stay in touch on a regular basis. Also, helping your significant other find a community of others involved with truckers can be a big help. Having a group going through the same relationship hurdles can be a big part of learning the skills to have a great relationship.

As an owner operator, you have the flexibility to be there when your support system needs you. Reach out to our buddies over at Drive Logistics to get more information on becoming an owner operator.

Ride With Me

Giving your new relationship more time is always a challenge as a trucker. If possible, go on the road with your spouse, not only will this give them an idea of what you experience day-to-day, but will also give you some quality time and memorable views.

Keep in mind there are certain semi-truck passenger laws and companies that allow you to bring family or friends along for the ride. Although the truck driver ride along rules and laws may seem complicated, each carrier has its policy they can provide you. Kids around the age of 10 and up can generally ride with most carrier’s truck drivers, but they usually need to be a direct descendant of the driver.

Why Trucking?

Trucking comes with a lot of sacrifice for everyone in the life of a Real Trucker. Sitting down with your family or significant other and explaining to them why the weeks on the road at a time is a sacrifice you must make can go a long way. Showing your passion for trucking and owning your own small business are all reasons someone in your life can understand why you chose trucking. Truckers keep the world running and letting your family know why you’re a Real Trucker, can really help when the distance becomes challenging.

Do any Real Trucker have any more tips? Let us know!

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