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Roadside Inspections Aren’t So Bad, Are They?

Roadside inspections are one of the less exciting parts of our careers as truckers. Lucky for all our Real Truckers out there, we are here to help with expert advice to help you get through your inspections one by one.

In most cases, it is 100 percent up to the inspection officer whether or not he or she gives you a ticket as a result of the inspection. Officers are given quotas for the number of inspections they perform in a year, but not citations.

Getting in and out of an inspection, in as little time as possible, is just as much about people skills as it is about anything else.

A tidy and well-organized cab can keep roadside inspections at a minimum. Why? Because a clean cab tells the inspection officer you are more likely to maintain your truck. A messy cab signals to the law enforcement officer that your inspections and maintenance may be behind, and you should be subject to further inspection, and more time off the road.

Like it or not, it’s how people work.

The best way to greet an inspection officer is with your information all in one place, in a plastic ring binder. Slide all your important documents into plastic, see through, pockets to protect your documents from the weather during inspections. Your medical card, registration and permits should all be in your binder.

If you can show the inspection officer you are prepared, you are off to a great start. We want all Real Truckers to represent the brand of trucking we take pride in.

An inspection officer is more likely to believe a light on your rig has went out over the last 100 miles, but they won’t believe your tires have went bald in the last 24 hours. Be smart out there. Also, a quick way to get off on the wrong foot with inspection officers is not knowing where your fire extinguishers and traffic cones/triangles are in your cab.

Make special note of these and keep your extinguisher ready to go.

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