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Semi-Truck Interior Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Truck Spotless

Keeping a clean machine is important to be the best trucker you can be.

Aside from its practical intentions, a truck is often a reflection of the trucker themselves. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a drop off dirty and disheveled, maintaining the appearance of your semi can greatly improve your first impressions and overall experience out on the road.

Dump the Trash

On a long journey, the collection of trash is inevitable. Empty bottles and food wrappers can quickly accumulate as your odometer rises. Keep trash out of sight by keeping a designated trash bag or investing in a small, truck-oriented trash can and empty it regularly at each stop.

Pick it Up

With trash comes the annoying byproduct of crumbs. Though small on their own, a collection of crumbs can result in a major eyesore, as well as a potential invite for unwanted critters. Using truck stop vacuums or purchasing a portable vehicle vacuum can quickly remedy this mess and leave your cabin looking tidy.

Distain for Stains

Stains come in an infinite number of shapes, colors, and sizes. Left for too long, these minor blemishes can become permanent scars on your seats and floorboard – which is why it’s important to treat stains in an effective and timely manner. Carrying a travel-size container of stain remover or creating your own solution from water, peroxide, and dish soap can keep you prepared and your cabin looking flawless.

Keep it Filtered

While clutter can be offensive to the eyes, unappealing smells can have an even larger negative impact on your entire rig. Routine changes to your air cabin filter is crucial for keeping your truck smelling clean and refreshing. Investing in subtle scents, such as new car or fresh linen, can be an added bonus.

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