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Should I Buy a CB Radio?

Citizen’s band radio, more commonly known as CB radio, is used mostly by truck drivers for talking about road conditions, keeping up with law enforcement and for building a brotherhood on the road with random chatter.

CB’s are not mandatory on the road, but their limited range is great for knowing what is going on in your immediate area. They are a great safety tool and are way more affordable than cell phones. Also, if you’re stuck in a rural location with no reception, your CB radio still works.

Quick tips: Channel 19 on the CB radio is the general channel most truckers will use. Channel 9 is the emergency channel on your CB radio.


There are many antennas to choose from for your CB radio and below is a quick guide to help you know what to look for.

102” Whip Antennas: These are widely considered the best CB antenna with 10 or more miles of range. The catch is the antennas are 8.5 feet tall and can create clearance issues for your truck. Be careful. Center-Loaded Antennas: These are often called “trucker antennas” and have a range of seven to 10 miles. This is one of the more expensive options. Fiberglass Antennas: These are durable and range in lengths from two to seven feet with a range of two to seven miles of reception. Magnet Mount Antennas: These antennas mount on the top of your rig and are about three to five feet long and have a reach of three to seven miles. Are you not sure if your new CB antenna is the right one for your truck? What about the lingo of the road? Talk to our partners at Drive Logistics for everything you need to know!

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