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Staying in Shape on the Road – Walking and Truckers Health

Here at Real Truckers, we want to focus on helping truckers make the most of their time and talent on the road. The first step to making the most money you can as a trucker is staying healthy, but how can truckers stay healthy when they spend so many hours on the road and the rest either catching up on sleep or spending time with their family?

To start, a simple 15-minute walk a few times a day can make all the difference. When it comes to movement, no amount is too little to make a difference.

Below are some health benefits to taking at least 15-minute walk a day.

Relieve Some Stress

Most of us truckers have some sort of stress when we are out there on the road, but Real Truckers can help. If you walk just 15 minutes a day, you are getting 105 minutes of aerobic exercise in a week, and you can build up from there. Experts say walking is one of the fastest, most effective ways to calm down and reduce anxiety and depression.

Your Health Matters Most

When you begin walking regularly, you will notice your walks may become a little longer as you gain more strength and confidence. Lower blood pressure, weight loss, reduced risk for certain cancers and Type 2 Diabetes, are all reasons to get out there and walk! Your family and your trucking business will appreciate it.

Get In a Better Mood

A short walk can have a huge impact on your mood. Studies show that walking increased feelings of good energy. Taking time for a walk also gives you time to get out of your truck and get some fresh air and that is a good thing.

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