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These are the Brakes

Brake issues are responsible for about 29 percent of truck related accidents on America’s roads. Your brakes are exposed to constant heat and friction which causes their parts to wear down over time without effective maintenance.

When water gets into the air brake system, it can cause corrosion and freezing, taking your rig out of commission for hours, maybe even days. The salt and chemicals used to keep roads free of ice and snow can get into the air brakes and cause corrosion and damage.

Needless to say your brakes are very important to your safety and for everyone on the road.

Below is a short list of what you should be consistently looking for with your brakes.

Brake drum: No cracks.

Brake lining: No cracks or damages.

Inner oil seal: Check for evidence of leaks such as oil running down a brake drum or tire.

Slack adjuster: Proper angle to the brake chamber, clevis and cotter pin intact.

Brake air line: No bulges or cuts, fitting tight.

Brake chamber: Mounting bolts secured, band clamp secured.

Air disc brakes and drum brakes both need different types of maintenance. Check back on our blog to read more about each type of brake and how to protect them!

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