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Winter Driving Tips All Truckers Should Know to Keep Safe on the Road

The first time trucking in snow for any Real Trucker may be a challenge, but we are here to help.

Summers in Florida are typically plagued by showers, spring in the Midwest comes with the occasional hailstorm and winters in the north are packed with ice and snow.

This winter has certainly showed some extreme examples of how snow can significantly impact highway travel. Fortunately, Real Truckers has the tips and insight you need to safely travel through this icy inconvenience.

Smooth Operator

Think of your rig as a train and the highway as a track - avoiding any sudden accelerations, brakes, or turns. Instead, give your semi time to maneuver slowly and safely.

Light the Way

As with any precipitation, the more visible you make yourself, the better. Keep your headlights on and use your fog lights when necessary.

Save It, Don't Spray It

While tire spray can be its own annoyance, pay close attention to the amount of water being discharged by vehicles around you. A heavy tire spray signifies the roads ahead are still wet while little or no spray is a sign that the roads are beginning to freeze over.

Tractor Traction:

If you commonly travel in an area prone to snow, such as New England or the Midwest, consider investing in snow or all-weather tires. These can make a drastic difference in maintaining traction in both snow and rain.

When in Doubt, Wait it Out

If visibility becomes an issue, wait things out. Do your best to move off the highway and onto the shoulder, clearing the path for oncoming traffic. The timeframes of when heavy snowfall ends can vary, so do your best to pull off in a space you’d be comfortable waiting.

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