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Women in Trucking: Surprising Facts You Need to Hear

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, no – it’s female trucker! So basically, it’s superwoman, because nothing says I’m strong, independent, and yes - I dominate in a male-dominated industry like a female trucker. Yes, you Miss Ma’am, we are talking about you! Here are a few facts about women in trucking that may surprise you.

According to Women in Trucking (WIT) roughly 93 percent of professional truckers are men, leaving a whopping 7 percent in the women’s group. But that number is slowly beginning to change as more women begin to fill the void that the truck driver shortage has caused. I’ve spoken a little bit about this so called “shortage” in another one of my blogs, but because the current average income for truck drivers is increasing, more and more women are deciding on a life over-the-road.

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